The imagery presents a trajectory of conflicting desires and perceptions during a critical encounter in the water, where the needs and attitudes of the two sides of a giver-receiver, rescuer-rescuee relationship may shift and diverge such that the giver’s need may at times outweigh that of the receiver. Simultaneously, the work echoes present day realities of desperate individuals struggling in or on the water, only to be faced with a profound deficit of care or compassion. 


The impressions of water and sky are printed in layers from natural wood grain pattern of long plywood boards. The figure imagery is carved in separate wood or lino- blocks and printed into to water/wood grain patterns.


As the figures struggle, sink and drift, the impression of water and atmosphere appear on the one hand alluring and meditative, while on the other, threatening and oppressive, magnifying the sense of an uncharted, changeable or indeterminate state, where danger and safety are blurred or mistaken one for the other, characteristic of any risky journey or passage.