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We were delighted to exhibit Pamela Dodds: Documenting Border Barriers in Open Studio's Project Space gallery from March 4 – April 16, 2022.

The work was thoroughly researched and thoughtfully presented in an experiential composition that echoed a cinder block wall structure. The prints themselves were meticulously created, with care and a great sense of detail. Each print was accompanied by an informative text panel that spoke to the barrier structure's location, metrics and history. This immersive exhibition installation and impressive detail within the work encouraged viewers to spend time with the artwork, and the exhibition received very positive audience engagement, as reflected in the written responses that were invited to be shared during the show.

This was the first exhibition of this ongoing and evolving body of work, which will grow, adapt and change as the structures that the work reflects continue to build in number, and their contexts and implications shift with global political events. We look forward to seeing how this project builds in scope and resonates with audiences in different locations as the exhibition is presented at potentially moves to different venues.

Rebecca Travis (she / her)
Curator & Collections Manager
Open Studio Printmaking Centre, Toronto

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